UV protection in every bottle of Olay's Regenerist Whip

Good news to everyone who love themselves. Olay Regenerist Whip now comes with UV protection so we can glow all out even under the sun. Did you know that on average, people experience about 18 hours of total sun exposure per week just by doing a regular daily routine? Olay Regenerist Whips UV gives you the freedom to face the sun. Plus, it saves you from the longer skincare prep time in the morning. It is perfect for everyday use, so you don't have an excuse to skip sun protection ever again.

Olay Regenerist Whip now with UV protection to give you freedom to glow all out even under the sun Did you know that on average, people experience about 18 hours of total sun exposure per week just by doing a regular daily routine? Olay research says that this is equivalent to the same amount of sun exposure we get when at the beach. Unfortunately, 1 out of 3 women beg off from using SPF daily because of the sticky texture, especially in the humid Philippine weather. In case you missed out on the big news, UV rays are the cause of sun damage and you can get it whether you’re indoor or outdoor, even during sunny or rainy days. This is exactly why sunscreen is highly recommended to be used every day as there’s no escaping from these UV rays even if the sun is hidden. Olay redefines UV protection with the all-new Whips UV SPF 30 - so you can bid goodbye to your greasy sunscreen and enjoy the double benefit of a hydrated skin and sun protection. This breakthrough facial moisturizer offers the best of both worlds – protection and hydration. Olay Whip SPF 30 shields your skin against the sun’s harmful rays while giving it full, natural coverage. Its lightweight formula gives matte finish which lasts from day to night. The best part about Olay Whips is its unique formulation with Active Rush Technology, which means that this moisturizer holds 1000x its weight in hydration, transforming from cream to liquid at first contact to allow fast absorption with breathable feel. No grease, no stickiness, and no white cast left behind the skin. If you’re obsessed about skincare, then this will seal the deal for you. This moisturizer is packed with tried and tested Olay power ingredients: Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) that boosts cell turnover and strengthens skin barrier for defense against pollution and weather; Advanced Amino-peptide complex for anti-aging benefit for a firmer and a more lifted look; and Hyaluronic Acid which is responsible in retaining the water within your cells so the skin is kept hydrated all day long. Olay Regenerist Whips UV gives you the freedom to face the sun. Plus, it saves you from the longer skincare prep time in the morning. Every time you step out of the house, you don’t need to worry about premature skin aging, and you can simply focus on flaunting your smoother, younger, and shine-free skin – more reasons to glow all out even under the sun. It is perfect for everyday use, so you don't have an excuse to skip sun protection ever again.

Olay Regenerist Whip SPF 30 is available in all major supermarkets, department stores, and drugstores nationwide. Visit Olay Philippines’ Facebook page to learn more about these products.

Good news to everyone who love themselves. Olay Regenerist Whip now comes with UV protection so we can glow all out even under the sun. Di...

Discover what’s standing between you and your success in preventing hair loss

There comes a time in your life that you have to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better. Who doesn’t want to become accomplished? Even the “gifted” and brilliant ones have to pay the price so as to realize their goals in life.

When we fail to eat on time, get enough exercise or sleep between seven to nine hours a day, we’re compromising our health and wellness as we reduce the maximum extent that our body must function. Consequently, the effects in our body may extend and manifest as early warning signs of hair loss.

Take it from celebrity beauty and salon expert Fanny “TF” Serrano, who once personally experienced such an ordeal. For him, avoiding harsh synthetic solutions and choosing to use the right products with natural ingredients is a must and still the best way to deal with mane problems like losing or thinning of the hair. 

With this in mind, embracing natural healthy lifestyle is so important to achieve optimal health, best physical condition and healthy full head of hair. Health products made out of natural ingredients are way effective for better healing and maintaining our body’s lifelong function than those of synthetic ones. Rather than investing in those branded shampoos or other hair treatments, there’s a natural way to help arrest hair loss and help remedy its four early symptoms, namely, excessive hair shedding, thinning hair, receding hair line, and bald patches. This is none other than NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss.

For more information, visit www.novuhair.com.

#NothingToLoseNovuhair #ChooseNatural #LoveYourself #ProtectYourself

Discover what’s standing between you and your success in preventing hair loss There comes a time in your life that you have to stand ...


HIS & HERS: Good Things Come in Pairs

There’s a thin line between the idea of being thoughtful and practical when choosing the perfect gift for couples. Striking a balance can be a real challenge. You have to consider their shared interests and make sure that you pick up something neither of them owns. Novuhair is here to help you decide and make the process simpler.

Introducing 2 gift ideas that fit couples of all forms and are guaranteed to be loved and used by your favorite duo. These gifts are perfect for couples who share the same passion to couples celebrating major milestones together such as engagement, housewarming, and anniversary to name a few.

Promo duration: October 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019
DOH-FDA-CCRR Permit No. 0929 s. 2018
            *NOVUHAIR TRAVEL KIT SRP: Php 4,220 (Save Php 202.25)

Two of the country’s leading brands packed in one travel kit exclusively available at participating Watsons stores nationwide and online:
  • NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss, the No.1 hair loss treatment brand in the Philippines
  • NAFLORA, made delicate for your generation, the No.1 most prescribed feminine hygiene wash in the Philippines

HIS: Experience nature’s makeover at home
NOVUHAIR 2-IN-1 PACK contains one 200ml. bottle each of the Topical Scalp Lotion and Herbal Shampoo, highly recommended if HE is –
  • experiencing hair loss - excessive hair shedding, thinning hair, receding hairline and bald patches
  • in need of a natural solution to help prevent hair loss, keep healthy hair and scalp, and stimulate hair growth
  • opting to regain hair luster and vibrancy
  • looking for a natural alternative solution to help prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness
  • in need of scalp cleansing and detoxification

NOVUHAIR TOPICAL SCALP LOTION has a unique combination of 19 natural ingredients that work in synergy to help prevent hair loss and is clinically proven safe and effective.

NOVUHAIR HERBAL SHAMPOO cleanses and prepares the scalp in an optimal way prior to the application of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion and helps enhance the effect of the topical scalp lotion.

HERS: Experience a special protection made for your delicate flora
NAFLORA PROTECT is a feminine wash formulated for women of reproductive age and in need of special care to help maintain and protect their natural flora during monthly periods and everyday use. It is formulated with antimicrobial ingredients that help prevent vaginal irritations and infections.

NOVUHAIR 3-IN-1 Plus 1 Promo Pack

Promo duration: September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019
DOH-FDA-CCRR Permit No. 0581 s. 2018
        *NOVUHAIR 3-IN-1 PLUS 1 PROMO PACK, SRP: Php 5,280 (Save 1,100)

NOVUHAIR Herbal Conditioner has been formulated specially to complement the use of NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion and NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo.

Regular use of NOVUHAIR Herbal Conditioner and NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo helps prepare the scalp for the application of NOVUHAIR Topical Scalp Lotion in order to maximize its effect, improve the overall cosmetic qualities of the hair, giving it a shinier, softer and supple look.

HIS: NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo (free)

Chemical-based shampoos contain ingredients that may seem to clean the hair but does not preserve its natural texture. These harsh chemicals strip off the hair’s natural protective layer making it more prone to damage.

A good herbal shampoo like NOVUHAIR herbal shampoo may help leave a stronger, healthier-looking hair and aid in preventing excessive hair shedding which may lead to hair loss. This will be a healthier alternative for him.

NOVUHAIR 3-IN-1 PLUS 1 PROMO PACK contains one 200mL. Bottle each of the Topical Scalp Lotion, Herbal Shampoo and Herbal Conditioner plus another extra 200ml. bottle of NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo for FREE exclusively available at participating Mercury Drug stores nationwide.

Without being too cheesy, these couple gifts are fun and surprising, a perfect way to express how much you value their gift of friendship - a gift that may keep them both well-groomed and well-protected. It may not be the best gift in the world but it’s the thought that really counts, agree? Anyways, that’s what friends are for.

To learn more about NOVUHAIR, visit www.novuhair.com
#nothingtolose #choosenatural #choosenovuhair 

HIS & HERS:  Good Things Come in Pairs There’s a thin line between the idea of being  thoughtful  and  practical  when choosing th...

BANANA BOAT SIMPLY PROTECT: Baby's Defense Against the Sun

Your baby is the most important being in your life. Thus, You and I ought to protect our babies against the harmful effects of the sun. 

Meet my baby Chloe. In just one glance you'll be able to say that she's a happy baby. 

So to keep her happy smile and disposition I must protect baby Chloe from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But the sunscreen that is available in the market are normally not for a baby’s sensitive skin. 

Good thing, Banana Boat simplifies Fun in the Sun with the new Banana Boat Simply Protect.

Edgewell Personal Care, maker of global brand Banana Boat expands its portfolio of sunscreens as it unveils its latest offering  - Banana Boat Simply Protect.

It’s a product that is formulated with 25% lesser ingredients.  It is made with no added oils and fragrances making it lightweight and confortable on your baby’s skin.

BANANA BOAT SIMPLY PROTECT provides SPF50+ broad spectrum of UVA/UVB protection.  It is uses natural ingredients that are safe and effective in filtering out the sun’s harmful rays but are environmental friendly replacing Oxybenzone and Parabens – ingredients that are said to create cellular damage in coral reefs.

Ms. Maricel Quevedo, Senior Brand Manager said, “ Banana Boat Simply Protect is great new product that gives maximum sun screen protection with very minimal ingredients, making it safe for everyone in the family and it is also micro-plastic free and does not contain Oxybenzone and Parabens making it very safe for the environment as well “.

“And we are also proud to announce that Banana Boat Simply Protect is highly recommended for protection against harmful sun rays by the Skin Cancer Foundation “ she added.

Banana Boat Simply Protect comes in three (3) variants - the Simply Protect Sports, designed for those who enjoys active outdoor lifestyle. Simply Protect Kids for kids 4 years old and above, Simply Protect Baby for babies 6 months to 3 years old.  Both variants are sting-free and tear-free product made mild and gentle enough even for the most delicate and sensitive skin.   All have products stays on skin in 7 conditions – sun, heat, wind, pool water, ocean water, sweat and sand.

Banana Boat Simply Protect Sports and Kids come in Aerosol Spray and Lotion forms and the same lightweight lotion form for Simply Protect Baby.

Banana Boat Simply Protect is being imported, marketed and distributed in the Philippines by Getz Healthcare. 


Your baby is the most important being in your life. Thus, You and I ought to protect our babies against the harmful effects of the sun.  ...

Philippine Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo launches ‘affordable’ makeup line.

Philippine Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo launches ‘affordable’ make-up line in an event organized by online e-commerce platform Shopee held at the Kia Theatre on May 31, 2019.

Sarah Geronimo has always envisioned herself having her own business.  She considers this launch of her own make up line as a dream come true. She personally hand-picked everything from its individual content down to its design up to its packaging.

If you'll look closely, her make-up up line has a musical note embossed on each items. Showing her love for music. One can safely conclude that music greatly influenced her make-up line designs.

One of the emcee told Sarah that he'd buy Sarah's make-up line to which Sarah G replied: "Ako ng bahala sayo, bibigyan ka lang namin. Kung pwede ko lang silang bigyan lahat. Pero guys, pabayaan niyo naman akong bumisness," Sarah Geronimo said in jest. 

Sarah Geronimo's army of Popsters showed their love and support to Sarah by purchasing her cosmetics line called Pop Studio which was being sold for Php1, 999 per set. 

“Trend kasi siya ngayon. And ever since mahilig talaga ako magmakeup. I enjoy doing my own makeup ‘pag meron akong personal na lakad. Actually ‘pag nagmi-makeup kami ng makeup artist ko medyo pakialamera ako. Palaging collaborative,” said the Kapamilya singer/actress. 

Geronimo then went on to thank the people who supported her in pursuing what she always wanted to do, saying: "I’m happy na ganun ka-supportive ang glam team ko. At ganun din ka-supportive ang manager ko si Boss Vic (Del Rosario). So ayun buti na lang meron kaming mga industry experts who helped us in producing itong makeup line namin na Pop Studio.”

Sarah revealed that she made sure she had a say in all aspects of the brand as she wanted not only her fans to enjoy it but also herself as well.

“Definitely. May consultant din kami na makeup artists so very important na hands-on ako kasi nga gusto ko ‘yung ibebenta namin na produkto ‘yung talagang ginagamit ko rin - ‘yung ma-eenjoy kong gamitin hindi lang ‘yung mga customers natin," she quips. 


Meanwhile, the Popstar Royalty revealed what makes the products from her line of cosmetics worthy of every centavo.

“We made sure kasi na very relatable. ’Yung talagang magagamit nila for their everyday look. ‘Yung day time puwede din pang-night time. Meron pang fresh look lang. Tapos merong glam look at night. So kumbaga tinatawag namin siyang two-in-one. So dual purpose siya kumbaga," the 30-year-old singer/ actress said. 

Asked what fans can expect from her now that she’s part of the Shopee family, she said: “Marami. Maraming surprises. Abangan po ninyo. I’m happy na I’m helping Shopee promote ‘yung kanilang biggest lowest price sale. 6.6-7.7. It will start on June 3 to July 7.”

Some of the products from Sarah Geronimo’s makeup line include the following :

  • primer
  • makeup sponges
  • brushes
  • blush with contour
  • day and night eyeshadow palette
  • brow pencil with mascara
  • foundation stick with liquid concealer
  • matte lipstick with lip balm. 

Philippine Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo launches ‘affordable’ make-up line in an event organized by online e-commerce platform Shopee hel...

The Hopeful Romantic trailer goes viral; reaches 9.6 million views

The Hopeful Romantic trailer goes viral; reaches 9.6 million views

The official trailer of the upcoming sexy romantic comedy film, The Hopeful Romantic has gone viral as it has reached a remarkable 9.6 million views on Facebook in less than three weeks since it was launched.

If anything, the virality of the trailer to organic Facebook users indicates a positive reception from netizens. As of today, the trailer has now reached 108,000 shares, 14,000 positive comments on Good Time Fan Page.

"Ayos 'yo ah, basta hindi gwapong aktor tapos ganito 'yung concept na movie, siguradong papatok."

"Mas gusto ko ganitong movie. Matatawa ka na maiiyak. Mas nakaka-inlove ang ganito at nakaka-excite!"

Starring theatre/TV/movie actor, Pepe Herrera and actress Ritz Azul, The Hopeful Romantic offers not just an entertaining love story, but also aims to impart an important lesson about love.

Ritz, who gets to be launched in this film as a leading lady, beams with pride about this project.

“Sobrang proud ako sa pelikulang ito kasi lahat pinaghirapan namin: ng direktor, producers, writers, at syempre co-actors ko na pinagpuyatan.

“Nakailang revisions kami para mapaganda ang story, para maihatid yung message ng story na may matutunan sila. Tsaka maganda ang storya, kapupulutan talaga siya ng aral.
The actress had to face a lot of challengers for this movie.

Firstly, Ritz, who is more comfortable with drama, ventures into comedy in The Hopeful Romantic.

Secondly, she had to lose weight to effectively portray her role as a sexy gold digger.
“Ang mahirap lang for me, physically, dapat medyo mukhang sexy don sa screen, so nag-struggle din ako to lose weight, kasi sobrang lumaki ako for a while before gawin yung movie.

“And then nahirapan ako kasi sobrang kabaligtaran ko ang role sa totoong buhay. Naging kumportable ako sa mga katrabaho ko, kaya napa-swimsuit ako."

Meantime, Pepe, who is a very talented singer-actor, finally gets to be a lead star in this film.

The versatile actor takes pride in saying that he gets to explore comedy genre through a sexy movie.

Pepe admits that he felt pressured that he would finally be a leading man in this project.
Fortunately, Ritz made his job easier for him.
"Ang masasabi ko po ay lalaki din ako at nakakaramdam ng karupukam. Si Ritz ay very desirable 110%."

“Kasi kinabahan ako nung una dahil sinasabihan ako, ‘Leading man ka na, kailangan tutukan mo yung panunuyo o kung paano tratuhin ang leading ladies.’  Parang siya [Ritz] pa yung gumagawa non para sa kin. Cowboy si Ritz. Hindi siya tipikal na leading lady.

“Sa shooting ka, sanay kasi siya na i-maximize yung oras. Walang nasasayang na oras.”
In the meantime, Ritz is happy to learn important lessons from Pepe as an actor.

“Sobrang gaan katrabaho ni Pepe. Sobrang professional. Tsaka parang nung nagsu-shoot kami, merong connection. Habang nandon kami sa characters naming, minsan kahit mata lang, nag-uusap na ganon.

“Sobrang ang pinakanatutunan ko sa kanya, hindi siya titigil sa take, kahit paulit-ulit pa yan para mapaganda yung scene,” she says.

In the Hopeless Romantic, Pepe plays Jess, a 33 year old Valet Parking Attendant at The Manila Hotel, an honest man and most of all, a virgin. He promised himself that he will only give himself when he already found his true love.

Veronica, (played by Ritz), is a kept woman in the high society world. A victim of circumstances, but still a survivor.
Jess meets Veronica at the hotel bar. Instantly, he gets mesmerized by her presence. One thing lead to another, and Veronica gave Jess the “first time”. Jess, believing in the magic of what happened between them, decides that Veronica is his one true love.

However, there is one problem; Veronica has no idea that he is not rich. Afraid that revealing himself will make him lose Veronica, Jess starts to pretend the part. He kept on doing this until his resources spill away. The inevitable happens, and Veronica learns the truth about Jess.

Tagged as the sexy comedian, The Hopeful Romantic is the first film of Pepe in a lead role.
The Hopeful Romantic opens September 12, 2018. The funniest romantic flim of the season is directed by Topel Lee.

For more updates, follow Regal Entertainment Inc on Facebook, @RegalFilms on Twitter, @RegalFilms50 on IG and Regal Cinema channel on YouTube.

The Hopeful Romantic trailer goes viral; reaches 9.6 million views The official trailer of the upcoming sexy romantic comedy film, Th...

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day is Back:
The Biggest Annual Shopping Event in Southeast Asia and Taiwan
Users can look forward to a super series of non-stop deals over 11 consecutive super themed days, and massive giveaways worth over ₱15 million to be won

Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, kicks off its biggest annual regional shopping event, Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. After last year’s successful 9.9 event which saw a three-fold uplift in orders and a five-time increase in traffic, Shopee is upping the ante this year with a 11-day mega shopping event from 30 August to 9 September. With over 500,000 sellers, around 800 brands and more than 60 partners onboard, users can expect up to 99% off from the largest collection of deals and massive giveaways worth over ₱15 Million.

“Shopee has grown tremendously in the past year. We now boast around 160 million users across the region, including over 16 million in the Philippines. At the same time, the number of sellers on Shopee has more than doubled to over 500,000 in less than a year, showing how we are quickly becoming the online shopping destination of choice for both shoppers and sellers in the region. To thank all our users for their continued support, we extended this year’s Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day to feature almost two weeks of non-stop promotions across all product categories. We have also continued to strengthen our ties with leading brands and partners to bring our users even more exclusive deals and promotions on Shopee,” said Terence Pang, Chief Operating Officer of Shopee.

Super savings on super themed days

Starting 30 August, users can participate in a 11-day shopping marathon, featuring different back-to-back themed days every 24 hours in the lead up to the peak of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day on 9 September. Users can also look forward to free shipping with lowered minimum spend every day during this period. Key highlights include Super Flash Sale Day on August 30 featuring flash deals as low as 99 happening nine times over the course of the day; and Super Vouchers Day on 3 September with a total of over ₱900,000 worth of vouchers to be redeemed.

On 5 September, Shopee will also be teaming up with hundreds of leading brands including giants P&G, Maybelline, Samsung, Colgate - Palmolive, Oppo, Asus, and more to launch the first-ever Super Brand Festival, comprising the largest collection of deals from major brands on Shopee Mall. Users will get first-hand access to thousands of products sold by their favourite brands across all product categories including Electronics, Mobile and Gadgets, and Health and Beauty.

Shopee Shake, the highly popular in-app game that has since clocked over 70 million plays by users across the region, is making a comeback, this time with a new group mode where users can invite others to play at the same time to earn bonus coins, and a supersized coins pool of over 9 million Shopee Coins up for grabs. On Super Shopee Shake Day and Super Shopping Day on 8 and 9 September respectively, users can play up to 18 times in 48 hours for a chance to win Shopee coins, vouchers and prizes.

Take part in the nationwide Shopee Dance competition to win super giveaways

In line with Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping day, Shopee will also be launching a nationwide Shopee Dance competition called Shopee Dance to Win with prizes including an Ace 50” TV and up to ₱100,000 in cash to be won. The dance is featured in Shopee’s second television commercial starring Shopee Philippines’ brand ambassador, Anne Curtis.

To qualify, users will need to post a video of themselves doing the Shopee Dance on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ShopeeDancePH. The competition will run from 31 August till the end of Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Winners will be announced on Shopee’s social media pages on 9 September.

Join us for this year’s Shopee 9.9 Shopping Super Day

This year’s Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day is supported by more than 60 partners, including Grab, Cebu Pacific, BPI, SM Advantage, ABS-CBN Publishing, and ABS-CBN Store. Joining Shopee in its biggest sale of the year, Grab will be giving 9,000 worth of Grab rides each to 99 Shopee users; while Cebu Pacific will be giving round trip tickets to Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, and Siem Reap.

“We have packed Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day with a comprehensive suite of deals and promotions tailored to our users’ varying needs and preferences. With the strong support of our sellers, brands and partners, we are confident that shoppers will enjoy an unmatched online shopping experience at our largest annual regional shopping event,” Pang concluded.

Shop the biggest sale of the year, Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day. Visit https://shopee.ph/99 from August 30 to September 9.
For more information on Shopee Dance competition, check out Shopee’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ShopeePH/.
Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

About Shopee
Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee aims to continually enhance its platform and become the region’s e-commerce destination of choice.

Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics to home & living, health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion and fitness equipment.

Shopee, a Sea company, was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Sea is a leader in digital entertainment, e-commerce and digital financial services across Greater Southeast Asia. Sea's mission is to better the lives of consumers and small businesses with technology, and is listed on the NYSE under the symbol SE.

Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Day is Back: The Biggest Annual Shopping Event in Southeast Asia and Taiwan Users can look forward to a sup...

HAPPY SKIN: Kathryn Bernanrdo


I was so excited when I got invited to the newest collaboration between Happy Skin and Kathryn Bernardo. In the past, I bought with my own money several happy skin products and I love everything I bought!  

I so love Kathryn's lip tint which could double as cheek tint. Grabe!  I wish to win the lotto so I could hoard Happy Skin's lip tint, mascara, liquid pen and pressed powder.

Kathryn is an epitome of a beautiful simple lass. She brings out a simple yet good skin and effortless everyday beauty. Parang gumising si Kath na ganun na siya Kaganda!

Generation Happy Skin speaks to the new breed of women who believe that good skin is a priority. 

Get that easy everyday makeup look with this #KathXHappySkin set! This limited edition set includes:

1 Stay Fresh Weightless Pressed Powder
1 My Lips But Better Ultra Matte Lippie*
1 Kiss & Bloom Water Lip & Cheek Tint*
1 Extra Drama Volumizing Mascara
1 Perfect Brows Long-lasting Liquid Pen
1 Instant Glow Longwear Powder Blush*
1 Generation Happy Skin Makeup Pouch

HappySkinXKathrynBernardo I was so excited when I got invited to the newest collaboration between Happy Skin and Kathryn Bernardo.  ...

ZENAYA AESTHETICS: Black Carbon Laser Treatment

Hola mi amigo e amigas! 

Kumustasa? Kalabasa! I am back! It's been a while since I had any facial treatment done on my aging skin. Why? It is because I was so busy helping my brother in his business that I forgot to make time for myself. Sigh!

I just realized, everybody needs a "ME Time" tandaan mo yan day! So don't follow my footsteps. Include a "ME" time no matter how busy you are! Ha ha ha! Kesehodang karay karayin mo anakis mo, go ka day.  If there is a will there is a way! 

It is a good thing that my friend Tala invited me to a bonggang facial session at Zenaya Aesthetics in Makati City. Yehey!  Thank you Tala!  Hugz! 

Zenaya Aesthetics which recently opened last July 2018, is the newest venture of the husband and wife tandem, AA and Jamie Alviar.

What exactly is the treatment done to me at Zenaya? Well, it is called "Black Carbon Laser Treatment" also known as "Hollywood Laser Peel"

Zenaya Aesthetics are among the first ones in the Philippines to offer this unique and effective treatment. The Black Carbon Laser Treatment is said to be the next-generation laser treatment. Why? Because it is super gentle even to those with sensitive skin like mine.  Mind you, their treatment does not burn the skin, it's non-invasive and pain-free. And to top that, it doesn't need any numbing cream. There is no need to be afraid to go blind because of lasers too.  All because your precious eyes will be well protected at Zenaya. Gosh, I can't see a thing for almost an hour. Ha ha ha! Doble doble yun takip bes, kaya wiz ka dapat ma afraid!

Black Carbon Laser Treatment is often referred to as the Hollywood Laser Peel, it has become a highly coveted treatment among A-List celebrities as well as common people in the USA and UK.  The goddesses who are reportedly a die-hard fans of this treatment includes: Angelina Jolie, 
Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian and the list goes on. According to one cosmetic survey this treatment has been charted as one of the top ten aesthetic treatments requested in the UK. OMG! So, that means you and your friends who would avail of this treatment would be leveling up your beauty quotients to the likes of those Hollywood superstars! 

Treatments are real quick and super easy with absolutely no downtime.  You can resume all of your activities immediately!  Of course, with the exception of heavy sun activities.

What is a Black Carbon Laser Treatment?

This is a Next-Gen laser treatment. It is a gentle treatment that does not burn the skin, it's non-invasive and pain-free.  You don't even need numbing cream! There is no need to be afraid of Lasers anymore!

This unique, special treatment is great for treating minor skin imperfections and giving skin a glow from within. This laser treatment is delivered by a state-of the-art Q-switched Nd-Yag Laser machine producing short, rapid and high intensity pulses of light with maximum capability for destruction of debris clogged in the pores and upper layers of skin. Yet, it is a very gentle treatment.

During the gentle procedure, the face is cleansed, then a thin layer of mineral-rich black carbon lotion (as a photo-enhancer) is applied. The laser light vaporizes the black particles of carbon, along with the superficial dead layer of skin as laser light moves across the skin. The Black Carbon is a Nano- activated carbon and contains Vitamins B3, B5, Amino acid and a variety of marine minerals to help give your skin a glowing, radiant complexion.

What are the benefits of Black Carbon Laser Treatment? 

  • Reduces Pore Size - Tightens Dilated Pores
  • Stimulates Collagen Growth in the Face & Neck
  • Clears Pores - Reduces Blackheads & Whiteheads
  • Restores Skin Integrity & Radiance
  • Reduces Excess Oil Production
  • Improves skin texture
  • Reduces fine lines, Wrinkles & Crow's Feet
  • Removes Dead Skin Cells
  • Reduces Acne & Post Acne Discoloration
  • Reduces Fine Freckles, Sun Spots & Dark Age Spots (Pigmentation)
  • Reduces Melasma
  • Re-Balances Skin
  • Improves Skin Tone
  • Restores Elasticity
  • Produces Brighter, Smoother, Healthier-Looking Skin

Additionally, the laser selectively targets facial imperfections such as enlarged pores, pigmentation, Melasma, scarring, and rough texture. Pores impacted with oil and dead skin are cleared off and the rejuvenating effect of 1064nm laser causes plumping up of the skin. The whole procedure takes less than 60 minutes and best part is; there is no down-time you can go back to work or your daily life without delay.  Fast, effective and no hassle to you or to anyone.

Since the procedure is non-invasive, it doesn't burn the skin, and it is pain-free.

Please note that the photo above were taken from the internet. I only had one session. If ever Zenaya sponsor more treatments then I'll change the pictures with my own pictures. Reason? You need at least several treatments to see significant results.

Look at that wonderful effect to sagging skin.

Laser energy lightly removes the Black Caron lotion, heating dermis and lightly ablating the top layer of dead skin, which is not painful. The laser energy breaks up pigment, that is then carried away by your body, and heats the skin causing the skin to contract, which tightens you skin, and at the same time, stimulates the building of Collagen. The result; smoother brighter, rejuvenated skin and a younger looking you!

Note: Pictures use above are not mine unless stated otherwise.

How can Black Carbon Laser Treatment help you?

A Black Carbon Laser Treatment is said to be suitable for men and women of all ages and assists people with pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, dull or poor skin tone, large pores and helps to lessen the premature signs of aging. It even works on darker skin.

How does the Black Carbon Laser Treatment feel?

I can describe the "Black Carbon Laser Treatment" to give a feeling of warmth, prickly, with sounds that could jolt you, but not painful. A loud click sound is heard as the carbon particles are targeted by the laser and the light energy is absorbed by the carbon particles. No numbing cream is required.

Is there any downtime after the Black Carbon Laser Treatment?

A Black Carbon Laser Treatment is non-invasive and you can return to normal activities straight after your treatment. You will need to ensure that you use a Chemical-free, Natural SPF 50 face sunblock daily without fail. Outdoor sun activities is not recommended.

What can I expect on the day of my Black Carbon Laser Treatment?

On the day of your treatment, it's best if you do not wear any make-up on. Because the one who will administer the procedure would remove all the make-up or foundation that you have on your face.  Make-up and sunscreen may be applied immediately following treatment.

How long does a treatment take?

Typically, you can get in and out in under an hour. First time customers can take a bit longer. The treatment will require 15 to 20 minutes of carbon application and incubation, and 20 minutes or so for the actual treatment.

How many treatments are required?

Every patient has unique skin issues and results might vary depending on the skin of an individual. Most people require either five to eight treatments to achieve ideal results, anywhere from one week to one month apart. You will see results with only one treatment. After your initial consultation and or treatment, a Zenaya friendly aesthetic technician will advise you of the recommended number of treatments required. If you purchase a package, you'll receive a significant discount off their regular offerings.

Are there any side effects?

Usually, there are no issues. Typically, your skin has no pinkish blemishes nor red spots, however, the skin could appear slightly pink or reddish after the treatment depending on the skin type, but that usually disappears within a few hours. In rare cases, some patients may experience itching or swelling for a few days, scabs may form, some minor bruising, infection and temporary hypo-pigmentation or hyper-pigmentation. Results can be improved by minimal sun exposure, not smoking and keeping stress to a minimum. The longevity of the effects from the treatment is determined by the skin condition, skin type and your lifestyle.

Zenaya Aesthetics offer Black Carbon Laser Treatment in a very reasonable price.

Schedule Your Black Carbon Laser Treatment Today – You'll definitely love It!

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Hola mi amigo e amigas!  Kumustasa? Kalabasa! I am back! It's been a while since I had any facial treatment done on my aging skin. Wh...

CORY QUIRINO: Talks About Her Hair Care Secret

CORY QUIRINO: Talks About Her Hair Care Secret

World-class natural remedy for Filipina beauty & wellness expert’s crowning glory

Hair loss is a concern for both men and women. It can have a devastating effect to anyone who experiences it.

According to Web MD, the average adult head has about 100,000 to 150,000 strands of hair and loses up to 100 of them a day, which is normal. As people age, their rate of hair growth slows, and they can experience losing more than hundreds of strands which is quite alarming. So what can you do to prevent it?

For beauty and wellness expert, Cory Quirino, embracing wellness is the first step to help improve the hair’s condition and make people look younger.

“If you choose to have a wellness lifestyle, then expect wonderful changes such as radiant skin, energy, and a general sense of well-being,” she emphasizes. “In time, you will realize that you have successfully delayed the aging process.”

The beauty and wellness expert says that choosing wellness as a lifestyle includes eating nutritious food, exercising, getting a good sleep, drinking generous amounts of water, managing stress, getting enough sunshine, and above all, staying positive.

On top of a daily healthy regimen, a supplement is necessary to maintain a healthy hair and scalp. Many people opt to use chemical-based products. But for her, the use of natural products is a must and the best solution for hair loss.

“There are hair treatment products in the market today that claim to be effective but their ingredients could contain chemicals that may prove harmful with long-term use,” she enthuses. “Choose natural. Say NO to harsh chemicals and let nature do the makeover,” she emphasizes.

Natural ingredients such as virgin coconut oil (VCO) and aloe vera are loaded with beneficial properties, which boost the health of the scalp and hair. These and much more natural herbs and essential oils can be found in NOVUHAIR, a topical scalp lotion with 19 natural ingredients that work in synergy to help prevent hair loss, which the beauty and wellness expert approves of.

“Even if I have been blessed with thick hair, I know that it has to be cared for,” she maintains. “I use NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion once daily in the evening before bedtime. Next morning, I apply it on my scalp again, then a shampoo after 30 minutes. Those who wish to further thicken the hair, it is a must to also use the shampoo and conditioner daily.”

Eventually, she noticed impressive effects after using this breakthrough product: significant lessening of hair fall, abundant growth of tress, and the return of locks’ luster.

Apart from being effective, it’s a very safe solution, too. A local clinical study has proven that NOVUHAIR has no adverse side effects with continuous use.

Moreover, NOVUHAIR is not just for those who experience hair loss. Younger people, especially the millennials, can use it for maintenance or prevention if hair loss runs in the family.

Cory recommends NOVUHAIR to everyone, especially to those who want to maintain their hair the best way they can. For her, this globally-competitive natural product answers the needs of a discriminating, health-conscious public.

Born on August 11, the granddaughter of the late Philippine President Elpidio Quirino is an author, and television and radio host. She has been a strong advocate for natural health, beauty, and wellness for more than two decades.

“Twenty years ago, it was as simple a goal as weight loss. But when I saw the dramatic effect it had on my vitality and complexion, I knew that this was the good path to take. For those who wish the same things I wanted then, this would be just as easy to embrace,” Cory recalls.

She wrote a series of best-seller books entitled “Forever Young”, which feature beauty and health tips as well as her own workout programs. Likewise, she also made a fitness video called “Cory Quirino’s Celebrity Workout for Beginners”.

For her, living in the 21st century has its challenges. She says: “The best way to live long and be well is to live a natural life.”

Truly, for a natural woman like Cory, her crowning glory deserves nothing but a world-class natural remedy that is NOVUHAIR.

NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. You may also have the product delivered right at your doorstep through Lazada at https://bit.ly/2Jc92Vk 

For more information, contact NOVUHAIR hotlines at 413.6570 and 0922.8830575, visit www.novuhair.com, and Facebook Page: Novuhair Official. #choosenatural #ichoosenatural #novuhair #naturalwoman

CORY QUIRINO: Talks About Her Hair Care Secret World-class natural remedy for Filipina beauty & wellness expert’s crowning glory H...